Revolutionizing AI Cloud Infrastructure

Empowering businesses with sustainable and scalable GPU-based compute solutions.

Our Core Offerings

Explore our primary AI cloud infrastructure services tailored for global scalability and environmental sustainability.


Harness distributed GPU-based infrastructure for efficient enterprise applications.


Automate machine learning model creation and deployment for streamlined processes.


Create advanced AI models in minutes using our enterprise AI platform.

Our Story

With years of experience in the AI cloud infrastructure industry, Novo Link has established itself as a leader in revolutionizing computing and promoting sustainability. Their expertise in distributed GPU-based compute infrastructure sets them apart in the market.

Why Choose Novo Link?

Discover the unparalleled benefits of our AI cloud infrastructure services, setting new standards in efficiency and sustainability.

Sustainability Focus

Leveraging renewable and stranded energy sources to minimize environmental impact.

Automation Excellence

Unparalleled automation capabilities for efficient machine learning model deployment.

Join Our AI Revolution

Experience the future of computing with Novo Link’s innovative AI solutions. Contact us today.

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